The Muscle and Movement workshops

Objective: To educate and motivate the members of Core Dynamics on the how a healthy body is meant to function and move. We will also discuss a demonstrate exercises and movements that target specific muscles and/or muscle groups with exercises, tools and machines that are all located at Core Dynamics.

Description: The Muscle and Movement workshops is a series of workshops for the members of Core Dynamics Gym.  Each workshop will have a muscle or muscle group as the primary topic to be covered (i.e. glutes, core) along with discussions and demonstrations of exercises and movement patterns that target these muscles.

The workshop will begin with a brief introduction of the muscle group along with their points of origin and insertion (attachment points). We will discuss the functions and important relationships with other muscles as well as their role in the movement system. We will also discuss common dysfunctions that may inhibit or reduce their function and the effects this will have on other muscles as well as their movement patterns. A brief question and answer will wrap up the lecture portion of the workshop.

The group will head into the weight room where we will demonstrate various movements and exercises that target these muscles. An important part of educating our members of the appropriate exercises that are suitable for each individual is to teach proper progressions, regressions and common mistakes that are often made. Members will be encouraged to participate and attempt each exercise as they are demonstrated. Fitness coaches will be available to help participants with the exercises.

Each participant will receive a handout covering the topic and images and descriptions of the exercises that were demonstrated. They will also have the opportunity to purchase training sessions at a discounted rate just for attending the workshop.

There is a limit of 8 spaces available for each session.

Date: TBA


Muscle Group Targeted: 

Cost: Members- $40/Non-members – $50

Instructors: Jim O’Hagan and the coaches of Core Dynamics.


Strength For Life.

Jim O’Hagan