Class Schedule

 Class Schedule  

September 17th – September 23rd 2017


9:30am – CycleTReX – Rene’


9:30am – Barre – Sara

10:45am Core Conditioning – Robin


9:30amCore Cycle & Strength – Robin

11:00am –  Body Sculpt – Ann


8:15am – Barre Fusion – Sara

9:30am – Vinyasa Yoga – Hannah

10:45am – Core Conditioning – Robin


9:30am – Core Cycle & Strength – Robin

11:00am – Pilates Mat – Elizabeth


8:15am – Barre Fusion – Sara

9:30am – Yoga – Sarah

10:45am – Core Conditioning – Robin


8:15am – Body Sculpt – Ann

9:30am – Core Cycle & Strength – Robin

Classes $12 members/$20 for non-members

*class packages available

Class Descriptions

BARRE-FUSION – A controlled and isolated barre workout with a cardio twist.

BODY-SCULPT: Full-body strength training utilizing light dumbbells and body weight exercises to strengthen and tone all major muscle groups, abdominal area, hips and glutes.

CORE CONDITIONING: This full-body conditioning class utilizes dumbbells, and body weight exercises.

CORE CYCLE & STRENGTH: Train your body’s aerobic/anaerobic systems to be more efficient! Develop muscular & cardiovascular strength! Increase power and speed while on the bike and strength off the bike by utilizing multiple body weight techniques.

CYCLE-TReX: Work your entire body by joining two great workouts: Cardio conditioning with the CycleOps bikes and upper/lower body strength, core and stretching with the TRX suspension-training program.  Do one part or both parts to develop cardio conditioning, strength, balance, flexibility and joint stability for a total body workout.  

PILATES MAT: The classic Pilates method is taught in this mat class with an emphasis on “core strength”. Achieve long, lean muscles and overall flexibility while working proper form.                               

VINYASA POWER FLOW: Vinyasa power flow pulls from many disciplines ranging from traditional yoga to Pilates. By connecting movement with breath this class will encourage deep concentration and focus while we lengthen, strengthen and tone major muscle groups.


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