Core Dynamics Staff


Jim O’Hagan
Owner/Fitness Trainer
Jim opened Core Dynamics in January 2006, after struggling to find a facility that met his expectations. “This industry is constantly being devalued due to poor management and a lack of serious professionals, which lowers a members expectations of their fitness experience. Some people are led to believe that what makes a great fitness center is the size of the facility and how much equipment you can fit into it.  “I strongly believe that there are many factors that go into a great facility… but it all starts with a great staff. My co-workers and I are constantly looking for ways to improve our members experience, from innovative training techniques to an immaculate, non-intimidating atmosphere”.  Jim’s passion for fitness started around the age of 19. As a high school athlete, he knew that his career path would somehow lead him into the health and fitness industry. After being introduced to personal training by a friend and a “weekend certification”, his passion and hunger for more knowledge just kept growing. Now with a degree in Exercise Science, numerous certifications and 15 years of experience, his passion for more knowledge, along with his desire to assist people in reaching their fitness goals continues.  For Jim, Strength for Life is more than a company slogan…it’s a philosophy that guides him every day in helping members achieve their milestones at Core Dynamics.

Robin Bush
Group Fitness and Indoor Cycling Instructor/Fitness Trainer
Robin received her teaching qualification from the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America and is trained in the Cycle Ops Power training System. She used to be a professional body builder and can still bench press 150 pounds on a good day. The discipline of those days has carried over into her indoor cycling classes during which students sweat buckets while focusing on proper technique. Although indoor cycling has a score of benefits , from lowering one’s blood pressure to increasing one’s resting metabolic rate, many of Robin’s students get hooked on the sport because of how it makes them feel. “Indoor cycling stimulates the body to release endorphins unlike any other exercise I know.

John Erickson
40/30/30 Nutritionist/Fitness Trainer
John Erickson is the creator of USA Diet Plans® and author of over 12 self published diet books. John began his career as a 40/30/30 Nutritionist and while managing the dietary department at Central Suffolk Hospital where he obtained first hand knowledge about diet food preparation and portion control. John’s expertise in 40/30/30 Nutrition and kitchen experience serving large scale diet Food was sought by the Zone Diet Company who recruited John to develop the popular Zone Diet delivery service and he became the head Zone Diet Instructor. John holds fitness certifications through the National Academy of Sports Medicine, the National Federation of Professional Trainers and TRX® suspension training. John is also the former director of the Parisi® Speed School Setauket and holds a brown belt as an American Jiu-Jits instructor. John has been featured on 106.1 WBLI radio, the Culinary Experience with Michael Mossolino and he has written for magazines such as New Living and In Style. John’s approach has become a model blueprint for acquiring the highest possible level of physical fitness. John gives people dignity by making them feel like they have a shot at controlling their own outcome in life. His diet and exercise methods have become a household treasure for thousands of every day Americans because they serve as a path to self-perfection -there is nothing more healthy.

Elizabeth Falkowski
Pilates Instructor
Elizabeth began her study of Pilates through her classical ballet training and discovered it’s amazing benefits for injury prevention and rehabilitation. Elizabeth holds a B.A. in Dance Movement and Health Promotion from Mercyhurst College. Her studies in anatomy/physiology, nutrition, sports and health psychology as well as body mechanics have allowed her to meet the individual needs of her clients and bring a holistic approach to fitness. In 2002, Elizabeth received her yoga certification from the Integral Yoga Institute in Melbourne, Australia and has found great joy teaching and sharing the benefits of yoga in private and group settings. Elizabeth received her pilates certification through Power Pilates NYC under the inspiration of Susan Moran Perich and Bob Liekens.  With over 10 years of experience teaching yoga, pilates and ballet to children and adults on the east end of Long Island as well as NYC, Elizabeth opened Water Mill Pilates in 2007. She brings a varied background of professional dance, kinesiology, Hatha yoga, holistic/nutritional studies and pilates training to her work.  By assessing each client’s individual needs and goals with her “trained eye”, Elizabeth creates tailored workouts, enabling one to achieve maximum progress. Her group classes are energizing and fun, while keeping the focus on proper form and alignment to balance the body. Elizabeth’s dedication to a healthy, balanced life, along with her understanding of movement in the body drives her passion for teaching.

Didi Frizell                                                                                                       Fitness Trainer                                                                                                Didi started working out on her own in her late 20’s. After getting over the initial fear and intimidation of walking into the weight room she fell in love with the idea of becoming strong and fit. She loved the feeling of challenging her body and mind to overcome the discomfort of lifting weights, running, rowing, jumping and pushing herself beyond what she thought she was ever capable of. Didi decided that helping other people challenge themselves to be thin, lean, toned and strong was now her goal so she studied to become a personal trainer and received her certification from AFAA in 1995 and later received certification from ACE in 2006. Didi’s goal when working with clients is to show them that they can overcome obstacles they never could have dreamed possible.

Rene’ Lund
Fitness Instructor
Rene’s long-standing passion for athleticism and fitness has resulted in training for and teaching across  disciplines such as cardio, strength, circuit training and sports conditioning, Slide, Step, BOSU, Bootcamp, and indoor cycling classes. Rene’ also enjoys outdoor running and given the time, challenging mountain biking excursions.  Rene’ is thrilled to be a part of the team of fitness professionals at Core Dynamics where she teaches her Core Strength class. It is truly an honor to contribute to the level of excellence, teamwork, creativity, and passion for fitness and health that Core represents in the East End.  Rene’s certifications include national certifications with AFAA and ACE, and program and skill-specific certifications for BOSU™, YogaFit, Reebok Step, and Reebok Slide, Body Pump, and recently TRX Suspension Training. She completed indoor cycling certifications with Keiser, Schwinn, Spinning, and CycleOps. She is a member of East Coast Alliance, of which she attends workshops and conferences regularly. Currently working as an instructor with TSI NYSC and Equinox, she attends their local and regional workshops.  Rene’s passion for fitness continues to drive her. A strong desire to push the limits for personal growth, knowledge, and health and to share that drive with class participants is key. For Rene’, that transfer of energy that is created in each fitness class and being part of Core’s dynamic, inspiring, and high-energy team is the ultimate reward. One of Rene’s greatest joys is to connect with people who are willing to push the limits and to reap the rewards of fitness.

Ann Meras
Manager/Group Fitness Instructor
Ann owned and operated Manhattan Body, Inc., an exercise studio on New York City’s Upper East Side between 1983 and 1996. She is author of the book Thighs to Die For and inventor of the Focus Weights. Her work has been praised in the New York Post, The Daily News, Weight Watchers Magazine, Cosmopolitan Magazine and twice in Vogue. She has done radio interviews with Joan Hamburg and Deborah Norville, as well as appeared on television shows such as Good Day New York, Extra and The Gayle King Show. She served as the Fitness Coordinator for the Norwich Inn & Spa and was the exercise Consultant for a series of Time-Life Books on Fitness, Health & Nutrition. Ann attended the Boston Conservatory of Music and Dance and is a certified instructor with the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America.

Antonia Mennis
Licensed Massage Therapist
After receiving her B.A. in Humanities at Dowling College, Antonia wanted to further her education and pursue a career that would help change lives. Three years later she was a graduate from the New York College of Health Professions in 2007 with an Associate degree in Massage Therapy. After her first year working at a prestigious health spa in the Hamptons, Antonia decided to join Core Dynamics. With her passion for health and fitness as well as massage therapy joining the Core Dynamics Family seemed to be the perfect combination for her active and healthy lifestyle. She now specializes in Sports massage and Deep tissue, a favorite amongst her clients. Antonia has also studied Amma therapy, Tui-Na, Medical massage, Infant massage and the ever so popular Swedish massage. And What does Antonia think about her chosen field of work? She is quoted as saying, “Massage therapy has the ability to change a person’s life. It renews, restores and provides a form of preventive care that should not be overlooked. Anyone going through anything in life can benefit from a massage. I have worked with the healthiest people to those recovering from chemo therapy treatments. My clients all leave feeling better than they did when they came in. I truly feel like it makes a difference and helps someone simply feel better. In the end that is what matters most.”

Joao Monteiro
Fitness Trainer/Triathlon and Running Coach/Cycling Coach

Joao has been an active competitor in distance running, triathlons and Jiu-Jitsu. He has also completed four Iron Man Triathlons and competes in all levels of running distance races. Joao recently began promoting challenge races at Core Dynamics, such as the national Tough Mudder competition, designed by British Special Forces to test all around toughness, strength, stamina, fitness, camaraderie and mental grit.  If you are looking for a fast and effective workout… Joao will provide you with the ultimate fitness program.  He is also a certified TRX trainer, a program using your own body weight for a great workout!  If your goal is to become a better cyclist, come and join him at his Power Cycling class at Core Dynamics using special CycleOps power cycles. You will learn the right concepts of cycling in this program…and get an incredible workout in the process! If your goal is to be prepared for any kind of challenge he will help you to achieve it. Joao is a passionate professional and will take all the necessary steps to ensure that members, clients, as well as his students, maximize their time to accomplish their goals.