Muscle And Movement Training

muscle and movement training
Muscle & Movement Training

The screen begins with a seven point Functional Movement Screen (FMS™). The FMS can help identify movement restrictions and limitations that may be inhibiting progress or causing chronic over use injuries and/or pain. The screen will assess primal movement patterns that are necessary for healthy, well-balanced movement.

The Functional Movement Screen will be followed by an NKT or Neurokinetic Therapy screen. During the NKT screen, we will test the strength and availability of individual muscles with direct muscle stimulation. Testing individual muscles will give us the opportunity to identify facilitated or overworked muscles and improve their relationship with the weak or “inhibited” muscles that can negatively impact movement quality.

The ultimate goal of Muscle & Movement Training is to improve muscular length/tension relationships to allow for balanced, unrestricted, pain-free movement throughout the kinetic chain. This will be demonstrated as you progress on to more advanced primal movement patterns (i.e. Hinge, squat, lunge, push, pull and rotation).

Muscle & Movement Screen

90-minute screen – $175

Corrective Movement Training

Single Session – $125

5 pack – $600

10 pack – $1140

20 pack – $2200

To learn more about the Muscle & Movement Screen or Corrective Movement Training and to schedule a FREE consultation to determine if this type of program can help you, email Jim O’Hagan or stop by the front desk.

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