Stop Exercising And Start Training


What’s the difference between the two? Aren’t “exercising” and “training” one and the same? In my experience, people who come to the gym to get a good workout but have no real goals or plan and are just “exercising.” On the other hand, those of us who are training are setting regular goals and rely on a structured plan to achieve them. Of course, the goals must be realistic and quantifiable. I see so many well-intentioned people whose diet and exercise plans result in little to no progress or cease progressing after a short period of time. But if you have the discipline to watch what you eat and commit to regular workouts, shouldn’t you be getting greater return on your efforts?

Setting reasonable short and long-term goals is the first step in the process. For the short-term, I like to start with weekly and bi-weekly goals. These are followed by two to three-month goals and finally, annual milestones. In addition, you may want to set a “big picture” goal. It’s a good idea to write these goals down and post them in a place where you’ll see them every day, perhaps with a photograph that represents what you’re aiming for.


Next, it’s important to assess your current state of fitness. If you want to lose weight and fat, you’ll need to establish a baseline. Make an appointment at the front desk to have a fitness profile done. One of our coaches will have you weigh-in, take some measurements and complete a body composition assessment and record the results. To gauge progress (and help you stay on track), the process needs to be repeated every four to eight weeks to insure that your “program” is getting you the results you are looking for.

Following the assessment, a fitness performance evaluation should be done to determine performance goals that we are used to develop a customized diet and “training” program for you. This is by far the most important step of all. A fitness consultation can be the first step in getting started in the right direction. I can help you set your goals so that we can create an effective program that will have you “training” rather then just aimlessly “exercising” with no real plan at hand.

We have personal training packages to meet many budgets. Private training, duet training (two clients, one coach) as well as small group training (three to five clients, one coach) sessions are available.

Inquire about our all new e-coaching programs. This is where the client will work with a fitness coach for a limited number of sessions (as needed) to develop a personalized program. The program is updated or adjusted based on the clients progress via e-mail and/or text messaging.

This method of fitness coaching has proven to be very effective when the client is self motivated and compliant. Maybe you just need a little coaching to keep you on track to meet your goals.  E-coaching will empower you to take charge of your training and achieve quantifiable results.

Strength For Life.

Jim O’Hagan