The Winner Of The 40 Day Biggest Loser Challenge is…

biggest loser logoThe Winner is…DAN McNAMARA. 

Congratulations, Dan! 

Dan lost a whopping 10.7% of his body weight to win this years 40 Day Biggest Loser Challenge.

In just a few days –as soon as the ice melts– Dan will be riding home his brand new Specialized mountain bike. 

He achieved this impressive feat by exercising daily and eating balanced meals designed by Core’s resident diet consultant, John Erickson.

Dan attributes a great support system to much of his success this year. He also significantly altered his diet, eliminating alcohol, bread, and pasta, and eating more balanced meals that include lots of lean meats, vegetables and certain fruits. Between meals, or when he’s in a hurry, Dan supplements his diet with protein shakes.

Most mornings and afternoons you’ll find Dan in the gym, committed to strength training and aerobic exercise. His best weight loss tip?

“Even if you have a bad day or a bad meal, don’t let that keep you from meeting your goal! Get back on track with the next meal and make sure to exercise the next day. You want to stay positive and keep moving forward”.

Dan plans to lose another 10% of his body weight by this summer. He knows he won’t have as much time to commit once his work begins in the spring, but he’s determined to stay focused and concentrate on his diet.

Our second place winner was Jennifer Conklin who lost a huge 7.36% of her body weight. She has earned $250 in *Core Cash. *Core Cash can be used toward the purchase of any products and services at Core Dynamics.

Jennifer was very committed during this challenge. She circuit trained and boxed with Personal training manager and Core trainer Craig Priestly three to four times per week. But the biggest change she made was to her diet.

Like Dan, Jennifer cut out most sugar as well as pasta and bread while increasing lean protein and vegetables. She also drank plenty of water.  Jennifer’s goal is to maintain her weight but focus on gaining some lean body mass over the next few months.

Here’s a list of the runners up of the The 40 Day Biggest Loser Challenge:
Dennis Schmidt lost 7.14%
Brian D’Italia lost 7.06%
Ross Conklin lost 5.32%

Each of these members earned $25 in Core Cash.

Congratulations to all the winners of this year’s challenge.  We’re very proud of you and we hope you’re proud of your accomplishment.

Weight loss is a journey. Having realistic goals with a structured plan will always give you an advantage and ensure consistent progress.

If you didn’t reach your short-term goal, don’t stop now! You’ve just completed the first stretch of an important journey. Now keep moving and enjoy the ride. 

Strength For Life