We Are Now 15 Days Into The 40 Day Biggest Loser Challenge

We are now 15 days into the 40 DAY BIGGEST LOSER CHALLENGE.  Where do you stand at this point?  Are you seeing the results you wish to see?  Are you sticking to a plan?  Do you even have a plan?

These are the things you need to be asking yourself if you’re to make any significant, positive changes over the course of the next 25 days.  The whole point of this challenge is to teach our members the importance of goal setting and planning.

Day after day we watch well intended members struggle to commit to a program and diet that will provoke a positive outcome.  Showing up is only half the battle.  Working progressively toward your goals is an imperative part of this process.  If you are not making the necessary dietary changes and sacrifices on a daily basis, to reach your potential, then you may as well just throw in the towel now.

The hardest part of this process is often the day-to-day lifestyle adjustments that must be made.  Adjustments like cutting out sugar and alcohol as well as adding quality protein, fat and fibrous carbohydrates to each meal and snack.  Other daily adjustments that I believe to be absolute must do’s is to make sure you get plenty of sleep.  Sleep is just so important and we all have a good idea what the minimum requirements are.  Also, you must make time for exercise.  I suggest at least 3-4 times per-week.  Notice I said “at least!”  When you do exercise, be sure to take yourself out of your comfort zone. Whether you’re strength training, interval training or aerobic training you cannot expect maximum results with minimal effort.  Effort is a major variable when developing a fitness program.

If you really want this as much as you say you do then you need to act like it.  Living your day-to-day life like someone who has something to prove will help get you there. Diet, exercise and sacrifice is all a part of the equation.  If you’re struggling because you don’t have a plan then you should find someone who can help you with that.  Well, this is actually something me and the staff at Core Dynamics do quite well.  We have fitness coaches and nutritional experts who can help you get on the right path immediately.  We also have programs that can meet almost every budget, so you can start hitting those markers that will take you to that place you so badly want to be.

Strength For Life.

Jim O’Hagan