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Easter Hours – 7am-12pm

“Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will.” ~ Mahatma Gandhi

Muscle & Movement Workshop

360º of the Core

Objective: To educate and motivate our members and friends on how healthy muscles are meant to function and move. We will discuss, demonstrate and practice exercises/movements that target those specific muscle groups and how they support and effect other muscles and movements. You will also learn how to effectively use the various tools and equipment located at Core Dynamics, to target those muscles. So be sure to come dressed for a light workout.

Muscles and Movements Targeted: The muscles of the intrinsic and extrinsic Core

Cost: members – $40/non-members – $50

Presenters: Jim O’Hagan and the coaches of Core Dynamics.

Date: Wednesday, April 19th 2017

Time: 9:00am – 10:15am

An evening workshop (6pm) will be added if the interest is there.  Please mention to Ann or Jim if you’re interested in attending a 6pm workshop on April 19th.

Register now at the front desk. Please register no later then Friday, April 14th, 2017.

There is a limit of 8 spaces available for each session.

Strength For Life.

Jim O’Hagan


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